Blepharitis & Demodicosis

Blepharitis & Demodicosis

Blepharitis & Demodicosis

Did you know that our eyelids are covered in bacteria and mites? Yes, you did read that right. The surface of the eyelids and meibomian glands may become seriously inflamed as a result of these mites and bacteria, conditions known as blepharitis and demodicosis.

The Symptoms: My eyes are dry. My eyes are watery. I have to rub my eyes. My eyes burn. My eyes itch. My eyes are light sensitive. My vision fluctuates. And yes, you can have blepharitis without symptoms.

Take a closer look - Look in the mirror and see if you have flaking or debris on your eyelashes.The redness, crust and junk at the base of the eyelashes is blepharitis and demodicosis. If you can see your blepharitis or demodex in the mirror then it tells us that you have a serious problem and would benefit from in office treatments.

Say goodbye to the mites - Lid wipes, hypochlorous acid spray, and oral antibiotics can provide some individuals relief however treatments with eyelid exfoliation, radiofrequency, and intense pulsed light have greatly changed how patients manage their blepharitis and demodicosis.

​​​​​​​Reduce your symptoms of blepharitis and stabilize your vision. Provide your eyelids the deep cleaning they need with MEIBOOST. Schedule your consultation for MEIBOOST today.

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