Pediatric Eye Examinations

Pediatric Eye Examinations

Pediatric Eye Examinations

Did you know that the American Optometric Association recommends that a child’s first eye examination should be performed at 6 months of age?

Did you know that the State of Illinois requires an eye examination at the age of 5 years old for children enrolling in kindergarten?

​​​​​​​Detecting eye conditions early and determining if a child requires prescription glasses is crucial to allow for normal development of the visual system. A child that cannot see clearly can have behavioral, attention, and learning disorders early in life. An eye exam for a child is important because children do not understand blurry vision like adults. They are too young to understand that vision can be clearer therefore they cannot tell their parents that what they see is blurry. A child’s examination allows the eye doctor to determine if eye movements, depth perception, tracking, and vision are at age expected levels.

Signs That Your Child Might Have A Vision Problem.

It is important to know that a child can have a vision issue and act perfectly normal. The signs that parents should look out for in a child with a vision issue will include frequent squinting, turning their head to see clearer, closing one eye, eye rubbing, and holding objects closer. Children with undiagnosed motor, sensory, and visual problems can present with difficulties in school when it comes to tasks such as reading, writing, and learning. They may have poor attention or become easily frustrated when having to do things that require clear comfortable vision. If your child has not had an eye examination, or you suspect that they might have a vision issue, then call to schedule their eye exam with our doctors at Grand Eye Care.


eLearning has negatively impacted our children’s visual systems since it was introduced in 2020. Eye dryness, tired eyes, red eyes, and blurred vision are constantly being reported by children spending 8+ hours a day on a phone, tablet, or computer. The constant near work is fatiguing their eyes requiring children to need the help of anti-fatigue or bifocal style glasses much earlier in life. If you feel that e-learning is causing problems with your child’s vision, then speak with our doctors at Grand Eye Care during your next visit to help maintain clear and comfortable vision for your child.

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