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Grand Eye Care Reviews

We take pride in making sure our patients are fully satisfied with the services we provide. Below are a few of our testimonials from our patients.

I brought my mom in for an exam and the doctor and staff were wonderful. We were going to buy glasses elsewhere but the prices were way too affordable to pass up and the styles are vast. So we bought her a pair and now I'm going to come back and get an exam and pair for myself. I'm going to bring my son here as well and tell the guys at work about this place. They accept all forms of insurance including Medicare!”​​​​​​​

Paul C.

Grand Eye Care has THE BEST customer service and eye doctor I've ever had! Dr. Eva Shabo is the best!! Highly recommend everyone come here to get their eyes checked out.”​​​​​​​

Jaime Ochoa

Excellent experience at Grand Eye Care! I had a routine eye exam and needed to purchase new glasses. Office: Parking is easy, office is clean and modern, staff were very welcoming when I walked in, and I was seen right on time."​​​​​​​

Catherine T.

had a many great experiences at this location at this location over the last several months. I went in due to an emergency. Dr Miller and his team worked on helping my eye fully recover.”​​​​​​​

Tim S.

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