Emergency Eye Care

Emergency Eye Care

Emergency Eye Care

It is important to see an eye care provider when you experience an issue with your vision or eyes.

If you are experiencing eye pain, severe redness, loss of vision, flashing lights, then you should contact our office immediately to be scheduled for an eye examination. If you are experiencing these symptoms outside of normal office hours, then please go to your nearest emergency room for evaluation.

Types Of Eye Emergencies

The following types of eye emergencies that should be promptly evaluated by an eye care provider:

  • Sudden loss of vision

    • This includes losing all or parts of the vision in one eye or both eyes.

  • Trauma to the eye

    • This includes being hit or scratched on eye.

  • Something is stuck in your eye

    • This commonly happens after grinding metal, chopping wood, or mowing a yard.

    • The longer that something stays stuck on the eye, the harder it is to remove.

  • Sudden eye pain

  • Severely red eyes

  • Sleeping in contact lenses and waking up with eye pain

  • Flashing lights in your vision

    • This will look like the flash of a camera or lightning bolts

  • Black spots blocking your vision

    • This can be several black spots in your vision, or it can be a large black curtain that is blocking vision.

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